Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tales .... Circus and a WIP

Didn't get much sewing done this weekend.  Was just too busy having fun with Sweet Thang.
She went to her first circus.  She is not fond of 'characters' (in this case clowns, but she doesn't like Santa either).  Elephant rides were available, but she preferred to watch rather than ride.
Same with pony rides.

She did get her very own red nose.  But that's about as much clown as she wanted!
And this is my current WIP (and will be for a while).  This is my very first commissioned quilt.  My instructions were "John Deere / twin size".  I have free reign on the rest of it.  This (indoor, late night) picture doesn't really portray the true colors.  I'm having to keep it hidden from BabyGurl lest she steal a 3-year olds Christmas present!! :-)

I'm mostly only getting to work on it for a couple of hours in the evenings because I get to spend a lot of time with Sweet Thang, and this coming weekend I'll be spending lots of quality time with Sweet Sadie Mae.
*Real name, Sadie Lynn, but Gamma likes Sadie Mae better.  :-)
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  1. Fun quilt! John Deere is really popular for little guys isn't it!

  2. What a neat quilt and you know what......I don't like clowns either! Thanks for sharing.
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