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This blog is all about sewing and quilting. I sewed for my children when they were little, and now I'm about to have my first grandchild, Sadie (July 2013) and am re-learning all the little tips and tricks, and hoping to learn lots of new ones as well.

(Updated Aug 2014) Sadie Lynn is now one year old, and we just welcomed second granddaughter Ivy Rose into the family last week.  Sadie is my son's daughter, and Ivy is my daughter's daughter.  We are looking forward to them being best friends. 

I have a four-year-old great-niece (Gabbie) who spends a lot of time with me, and though she will be Sadie's big cousin, she will think she is her big sister.  I'm waiting to see if Sadie will call me Grandma (or some variation thereof) of if she will call me Aunt Paula, because that is what she will hear most!

Gabbie is now almost six years old and starts kindergarten tomorrow.  

I also love to travel around the southeast - road-trippin' - to find good local music venues. Nashville is my 'home away from home'.

Blast from the past .... displaying my mad sewing skillz.  

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