Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday ... the Halloween version ...

 (we are not from TN - we just had some old souvenir t-shirts on hand)

Earlier that same year ....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Madness ....

A whole bunch of random .....
I made this quick little tote for Gabbie to have to haul her loot in.
We went to the church where BabyGurl is youth director for their festival last night. 
A friend at work gave Gabbie a bumble bee suit that was a perfect fit!  
                   Gabbie Lou Who and BabyGurl                                Tattoos!!!

                  The Fox, The Hound (disguised as a                       My little bee!
                       pumpkin!) and the Bumble Bee.

 A while back I used this tutorial to make a crayon roll for a co-workers son and this week I made a couple more in some bright, fun, leftover from my playmate quilt, fabrics.
I made this little(orange/yellow) crayon roll for Gabbie to use at church (she loved it!)  and another (green/blue) one for sale on Etsy.
Then last night I saw this quick tutorial for wine glass coasters.  Somebody is going to get some of these for Christmas.  "Dear Somebody, if you are reading this blog, please act surprised when you open your gift!"
So, that's kind of a recap of my week in a nutshell.  (After all, where else should nuts keep their recaps but in a nutshell?)
Happy Monday y'all !!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rainbows for Mollie

Mollie is a ten year old in our community that was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She had surgery, and is now taking chemo and radiation.  You can follow Mollie's story on facebook.

I don't know Mollie personally, but am acquainted with some of her extended family members, and am friends with many of her friends.  I'm currently in a Bible study group with Mollie's elementary school principal, so I've made this quilt for Mollie and it will be given from our Bible study group. 

I'm not real happy with that label but I was running out of time last night to get it done and washed and dried so I can take it to our final Bible study class tonight.  Hopefully it will get to Mollie by the end of the week.  So if you're reading this, and you know Mollie ..... shhhhhh, don't tell!
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Mollie was able to go to school Thursday after her radiation treatment, and her principal texted me this picture of her with her teacher and her Mom.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gold ....

Last week at the Hancock Fabric Columbus Day Sale, I picked up a 'few' yards of material.  Among them were these Christmas prints.  I actually had placemats in mind as I was purchasing the material, but now that I've started piecing it, I really love it and want something larger.  I don't know if it will end up as a larger table mat, or something large enough to throw over the back of the sofa (and maybe even snuggle up with) but I love it's elegance.

Now, my dilemma.  What thread to quilt with?  I've used Aurifil a couple of times and I love it.  But I don't know what color to use.  There is no store within three hours of me that carries it so I can't get an eyeball on the colors.  Should I go with a cream, beige, tan, autumn gold, there's even one called 14kt gold, which might be a great color, but is it easy to work with?

Would love advise from all of you experienced quilters out there. 

This isn't a great pic as it was made indoors before the sun woke up this morning. I think you can get the gist of what I'm talking about though.

And still being inexperienced in the quilting process, I'll probably be sticking with 'straight line' quilting, though I do plan to do it on the diagonal vs on the seam lines.  :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lot Of Firsts ...

I followed this tutorial for the Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher from The Crafty Quilter.  

I still have to give it a final trim and bind it - probably in solid red, which I don't have any of.  I think the red/white print would make a good binding but I don't think I have enough of it left.  Not without a whole lot of piecing.  

Lots of firsts in this for me.  First time for HST's, square in square, and pinwheels.  Also, I didn't do just straight line quilting.  Well yes, all the quilting lines are straight (or relatively so), but it's not just lines all the way across the whole thing.  

I had trouble visualizing the layout and getting my colors where I wanted them - in retrospect I wish I'd reversed the fabric layout between the black triangles and the green squares.  But still, not bad for a first go.  And it's made with some random fat quarters I picked up at Hancock Fabrics last week for $1 each, so it was a thrifty little project.  

I also used different color threads top and bobbin.  It turned out ok, but I'm not sure it's something I'd do for a bigger project.  At least not without a lot more practice and some major finagling with the tension settings to make sure the threads don't pull through.  The quilting doesn't really show up with the red bobbin, but I am glad I didn't go with the white in the bobbin.  Maybe some gold would've been nice?  

I recommend this for a quick easy project. 

Getting my Whoop on today with Sarah.

I just couldn't leave it alone.  But wow, binding this little bugger was a chore!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday's Tales ...

This is what I'm currently working on ... Some four-patches.  My first time to use this block, and I LOVE IT!!
I still need to make eight more blocks though to get the size I want.
(Oops, I just noticed some of those bottom blocks are turned the wrong way!  It's ok, they're not sewn together yet!)
This is what I got in the mail today from Stash Modern Fabric.
Norwegian Woods Half Yard Bundle - Michael Miller
Hip Holiday Fat Quarter Bundle - Josephine Kimberling for Blend

They were on sale and I got free shipping on my order over $50.
These pictures just do not do justice to these beautiful fabrics. 
I've been eyeing that Hip Holiday fabric for several months.  Last week I saw the Norwegian Woods bundle on Stash Modern's Facebook Page and I had to have it.  Like right then!  So I added the Hip Holiday to get me over the $50 free shipping limit! 
I also went to Hancock Fabrics 50% off Columbus Day sale yesterday, but that's gonna have to wait for another post.  I got a lot.  (But I saved 55% off batting, then saved an additional 10% off my entire order with a coupon, so "I done good!"  :-)
And, I've also caved to the 'peer pressure' (ok, no pressure, it just seemed like a good idea) and joined Bloglovin' - so follow me!!  (I'll try not to lead you astray!)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Done and Gifted

Finally!  Yesterday was the day I got to give Sweet Thang her 'Bama quilt.  She loved it.  I was afraid I was going to be outdone when she opened her gift (also Bama) from my aunt and uncle just before she opened mine, but she was quite happy with mine as well, and had to put it "awound" her.  Later when the party was over, she and I had a little snuggle time under the blanket. 
Here are a few some pics from the event.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Something For Me!

Since I started back sewing - and started quilting - earlier this year, I've made several things, and really have nothing to show for it!  But that's ok, I love making things for other people.
But I've finally made something for me!  It's not a biggie, but it's something I wanted / needed. 
A new tote bag!

I found the owl fabric in a thrift store bundle back in June, and fell in love with it.  It was not a huge piece, and not suitable for a quilt (more of a canvas feel) so I just put it aside and every so often I would look at it wish I could think of something for it. 
I've recently been using an ages old bag I made twenty something years ago to carry my Bible study book and iPad (which I use as my Bible) to my current Bible study class.  This bag has been through the wringer so to speak.  I actually made it for my grandmother (who passed away 13 years ago) and it's been used as a diaper bag for the now 5 yr old, so it's seen better days (but still holding together wonderfully, though getting a bit threadbare). 
So, last night I put together this bag for me!  But, I got in such a hurry I forgot to add any pockets.  <insert pouty face here>  I had intended to add a patch pocket to the front, and a couple of pockets to the inside, for necessities like my phone, and pens/pencils.  So, the next best solution was a zipper pouch for my pencils and other small items (including my phone). 
It's just a small lined tote, with a boxed-corner bottom (and again, without a pattern I just randomly boxed, and made the bottom a little wider than I needed, but oh well, it works). 
And hey, the fabric is so darn cute, nobody's gonna know I meant to make it different! 

I also finished Gabbie's Bama Birthday Quilt last weekend.  She will get it at her party Sunday.  I hope to get some good pictures of her with it, if not Sunday at the party, very soon. 

It's not quite 'official' twin sized (as you can see from the picture) and it will be going to her home where she has a full sized bed, but she won't care if it 'fits' the bed or not - plus hopefully this one wont be to big / heavy for her to drag around the house with her.  It's a bit heavy due to using batting and fleece backing.  I debated on using the batting and decided it needed that extra body, but now I'm not so sure.  I definitely would not use both batting and fleece backing in a baby quilt, it would be much to heavy for an infant. 
I'm also excited to say I had several items purchased from my Etsy store this week, and I have added more items.
Newly added:
Boot cuffs

Boot cuff / scarf sets 

You can find them listed in my Accessories section of my Etsy Store
Until Oct 15 you can get 15% off your entire order, excluding shipping, by using coupon code SEWY15.
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I'm Working On Wednesday .........

Working on several little odds and ends this week. 
This little bag and crayon roll are part of a birthday gift for a co-workers two-year old who is having his party this weekend.  I also plan to add a couple of books to the gift bag.
I used this tutorial for the crayon roll.  I just sort of made up my own pattern for the bag.  It's just a simple lined bag with a  boxed-corner bottom.
Next up, a new item in the Etsy shop.
Fingerless gloves, at only $5 per pair!
I used this pattern/tutorial (with some slight modifications, the 'fingers' were too long for me using the original pattern).  Also, different threads / needle sizes make a difference of course!
I'm also running a sale in the Etsy shop.  With coupon code SEWY15 you can get 15% off your entire order (excluding shipping).
That means this lap/throw quilt is now only $64 after you apply your 15% discount! 
If you have any trouble applying the discount coupon code please let me know.  This is my first time to use the Etsy coupon codes. 
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!
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