Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Project

I put away everything I was working on previously and started a new project today. I was just so burned out on everything I was rushing to finish, things I had to put on hold to finish Christmas (lots of stuff I just never even got to) so I packed it all away yesterday and brought out a new bundle (well, I bought it months ago, but an unopened bundle).

I just need to start fresh, take my time, and enjoy the process.

Reef / Return To Atlantis ; from Fat Quarter Shop.

Year End ....

2014 saw a lot of big events for the babies in our family.

Our first baby started Kindergarten this year.  She is doing wonderful and loving every minute of it.  Her speech is improving daily, and she's growing up so fast.

We added this sweet baby to our family this year ......

And she is already so grown up!

And this sweet girl found out she is going to be a big sister!  So we are really looking forward to 2015!  

Getting them all to sit still for a pic on Christmas Eve was quite the chore.  And next year we will have another one to add in the mix.  Yay!  This has been a very good year for this Gamma!

Here's to 2015!