Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunny Summer Sunday Swim

Not much sewy stuff going on this weekend.  

Little Miss Priss turned loose and swam 'on her own' for the first time today.  

She's never had a chance to be in a pool much.  About three or four times last year, and this is just her second time this year.  She should be a pro by the end of the summer! (If she can only remember to keep her mouth shut!)

We also had our annual Liberty Day Festival on Saturday and she got to ride Thomas The Train! She loves all 'choo choo trains'!

(And if only I could remember to turn the phone sideways when video'ing!)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Finished - Gifted

I finished these little pot holders / mug rugs earlier in the week but couldn't post about them yet because they were gifts. 

They arrived at their destination yesterday, so now I can share.

They were sent along with this little purse I had finished some time ago. 

I finally couldn't wait any longer to send these gifts to my friend Linda - even though it's still over two weeks until her birthday!
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP and Other Random Stuff ...

I'm gonna start by wishing my daddy a very happy 79th birthday!
And that sweet little thing holding his hand is our very favorite work in progress!
As for quilting WIP's, I'm still on the same one from last week.
For quilting, I've just stitched in the vicinity of the ditch.
But it doesn't look too bad from a distance.
I will add some more quilting since the squares are so large (approx. 8").
I'm thinking just more straight(ish) line stitching.
And as an added bonus today, I'm going to answer one of life's greatest questions for you.
Why are there holes in crocs?

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting Good at Purses

So I'm getting the hang of the purse thing.  This is from some of my thrift store fabric

Those magnetic closures are so expensive, so I've been making flaps/buttons. 
I tried covered buttons this time and it was so easy! 
My new sewing machine has an automatic buttonhole stitch/feature so it's super duper easy to do a perfect button hole now!

I had a little scrap left so I made a tissue holder as well. 
These sew up in a quick minute! 

I even got some little labels!
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I will actually have a 'just me' day Saturday (something I only get once every two weeks), so I'm hoping next week I can show you a finished polka dot baby quilt!
Edited to update:  Sold!  My very first Etsy sale!  Yay me! ;-)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Quilt Top Done!

Ok, so is this a WIP or a finsh?  I'll call it both!  Quilt is in progress, but top is finished! :-)
It's not very large - will just fit with crib sized batting.  But it will be for Sadie and she's not even born yet, so I think that will be big enough!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Warm and Snuggly

I bought this fleece remnant last week (it's almost a yard), with thoughts of maybe making Sadie a small snuggly.  Gabbie was going through my stash yesterday and decided it is perfect just the way it is.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Finish!

Just in the nick of time (there's still 36 minutes left in my Friday!)

Made from today's Thrift Store Finds.

Thrift Store - Part Deux

You might want to read yesterday's Thrift Store Find post first ....
I went back today and picked up four more bundles at $1 per bundle.
The blue is 100% cotton, the stripe is kind of "silky" (but heavier than silk), and the diamond pattern is heavy weight and textured.
Three shades of linen ...

This is a heavy weight (I didn't look at the tag to see what blend it is) but I really like it.  Much prettier than the pic (again, iPhone pics).

I tried to get up close so you could see this black fabric.  It's heavy, and 'fuzzy'.  Not carpet of course, yet it reminds me of it a bit.  Not sure what I'll do with it, but it was in the bundle.

That center strip below (lower strip above) is 100% cotton. 

The tree/flower piece (below) is some kind of blend, mid-weight, the other four are cotton. 

Looking forward to diving into these with the scissors.  I might just have a purse/bag for every day of the month!!
(Like yesterday's finds, these are also varying sizes from 26" x 26", to 26" x 42").

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thrift Store Find!

I often go to our local thrift store (small, run by a local church) looking for clothes for the four year old, or baby gear for the (due in 37 days as my DIL reminded her FB friends today) new granddaughter. 

Lately I've been looking for fabric remnants, and have had moderate success on a few things that I can use for bags / linings or something small.

Today I struck gold!

These are indoor iphone pics (it's storming this afternoon) so use your imagination a little bit on the colors.

These are all some kind of samples, I have no idea what from/for nor do I care!

These four are a knit fabric.  The best way I know to describe it is kind of like the knit pant suits ladies used to wear.  The black has the same green palm tree the white has.  The design is embroidered.  These panels are all 26" x 26".

I'm not sure what I will do with these since they can most likely only be used in a project with each other due to fabric type.  

These three seashells panels are also 26" x 26" and are 100% cotton.  They are a very heavy fabric (not too heavy for quilting I don't think, but much heavier than what I bought at JoAnn's last week!

And there are three corresponding/matching sailboat pieces, all also 26" x 26" and 100% cotton. 

This owl fabric is 40" x 26" and is also 100% cotton. 

There is also a floral panel that is 40" x 26" as well.  

And I got all of this for (are you ready for it?).......


They were in three bundles, for $1 per bundle.  

There were more bundles, but not being able to tell for sure how big the panels were I only bought three bundles.  I'm going back tomorrow!!  

There were a couple of bundles that were probably some kind of upholstery (very very heavy, one was fuzzy!) so I won't bother with those, but it will definitely be worth $1 per bundle to see what's in another couple of bundles.  

Yay me!!  


The moral of this story is ... if it sounds too good to be true ...

I used the labels on the fabric to do a little research and found a couple of the fabrics for sale at JoAnn's.  However, these fabrics are DRY CLEAN ONLY!  What!!  Argh!!

Since they are 100% cotton, I decided to do a little experiment on two pieces (NOT the owls!) and toss them in the wash anyway.  I put them in cold water on the gentle cycle.  I hung one to dry and put the other in the dryer on LOW heat.

They are still in great shape, and they are still 26" wide.  However, they are not only 39" long (they started out at 42").

So, I guess this means these fabrics will need to be used for something other than quilts!  That's ok though because I can make some great bags out of them (which is what I was thinking of doing with them anyway when I bought them).

So, in spite of this startling discovery, I still think this find deserves a Whoop Whoop, and I'm still going back today to look at the other bundles again.

(Edited to add: yes, I did go back.  See Thrift Store Find - Part Deux.)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Got Nothing Wednesday

No new works in progress here.  

No more progress made on the bubble quilt.  

I did pick up some fabric Saturday to make Sadie a play/floor quilt.  

Monday afternoon was for cutting grass, Tuesday afternoon was for housekeeping (yuck!)

This afternoon will be taking Gabbie to the dentist (just a checkup).  

Tomorrow will be more grass cutting (I have 5 acres).  

This weekend will be non-stop Gabbie.  

But just because I don't have anything, don't let that stop you from checking out the sites in my right-hand sidebar to see all the great projects others are linking up! 

One thing I did accomplish this weekend was setting up a Facebook Page and an Etsy Shop

I hope you can stop by and check them out sometime.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Follow Me On Facebook!

I now have a facebook page for Sewy Stuff! 

And an Etsy shop!

I'm probably jumping the gun a bit on the Etsy shop because I don't have very much merchandise yet, but patience has never been one of my virtues!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moderate Success

I went shopping today to get some fabric for Sadie's play quilt.  I found something similar to what I was looking for.  

Her due date is six weeks from today.  Surely I can do this! 

I'm just going to have to explore the shops online and start purchasing from them.  My local (and by local I mean 30 miles away) store is a Hancock Fabrics, and it has what I used to think was a pretty good selection til I started following quilting blogs and saw all the wonderful collections that are available!  There's also a JoAnn's next to the Hancock, but it's mostly craft stuff, just a little fabric.  

However, I do like to rummage around in the remnant bin at Hancock.  This is what I came up with today.  

The blue puppy dog fabric is flannel, and the pink chick material is fleece.  There is almost a yard of the fleece and I'm sure I can come up with something to do with that for Sadie.  If nothing else I'll make her a little blankie to snuggle with and later to drag around behind her or use on her dolls.  

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Friday, June 7, 2013

A Friday Finish!

Ok, so it's not a quilt, but it's finished. 
I did both of these projects last night.

And I'm linking it to Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions Of A Fabric Addict .

And The Scoop.

Tomorrow I will actually have a few hours all to myself (without the probability of a four year old calling for Aunt Paula to come get her) so I am going fabric drooling shopping. 

I have an idea for making a floor quilt for baby Sadie to roll around on (because even clean carpet is dirty and my carpet is old!)

Hopefully I can have it ready by the time she arrives (I have six weeks from tomorrow if she agrees with the doctor on her due date). 

I'd tell you what the pattern is but I have no idea.  I just saw something I like and I'm going to try something similar.  I will tell you this much: it's all rectangles and sashing.  No triangles, no corners to match!!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Making Progress ...

Still working on the same project from last week. 

But now I have five rows of ten bubbles ........

Instead of the one row of five bubbles from last week!

I'm hoping to make it ten by fourteen maybe.  We'll see as it goes along. If I do that, I'll have to get more fabric.  I had originally purchased enough to duplicate Sadie's blanket, but on this one I've made the squares larger, and am thinking more toward a lap/sofa kinda thing. 
I have had two more projects in mind for a while, and have finally figured out what fabrics/design I want to use for them, so hopefully I will get a chance to shop for the fabrics soon and get started on those. 
At that time, this one will probably take a back burner. 
Not that I'm like, bored with it or anything.  ;-)
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bags N Stuff.....

Baby Sadie's shower was today, so I'm recycling this post from my old blog.


Finished my project for Sadie's shower.  Of course there will be many (many) more projects for Sadie (and Gabbie) but this will be the Shower Ensemble.  

Sadie's bag and all the goodies .... changing pad, burp cloths, and boots. 

(Pardon the crazy background for the pics, an old sheet on a dirty picnic table)

They've been blessed to have most of their needs met by a friend who has passed along car seat, bouncy seat, bathtub, swing, and oodles and oodles of little girl clothes ... 

but of course she need her very own special Grandma shirt!

And her very first Nashville shirt!

And the bubble quilt from this post.

Though merely a cousin (once or twice removed, whatever that means), Gabbie will be playing the part of big sister, and she will need a few things at the shower as well. 

Bag, burp cloth and her very own purple boots (even though they look kinda black in this picture, they are bright purple). 

As DIL said last week ... we don't want Sadie to come early, but we sure do want July 20 to get here FAST!!


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