Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Sewing ... and baby pictures!

I already blogged about the John Deere quilt I made for a friend's little boy.

 This is the purse I made for my daughter-in-law.  The fabric is from the Norwegian Woods line.  I love this fabric.  My mom tried to take it from my DIL.  :-)

It is lined in an owl print from Hancock Fabrics that has the exact same color scheme.  I also made her a little zipper pouch to match. 

I whipped up a couple of these pillow cases for Gabbie-Lou-Who; one for her house and one for my house.  The penguin fabric is flannel and she is all about anything that is 'soft and fuzzy'.  

I also made Gabbie a quilt for her new baby doll, and a taggy/lovey for  Sadie Mae and a matching smaller one for the baby doll.  No pics.  It was down to the wire and I just forgot.

Here is our Sweet Sadie Mae.

And with her Momma and Papa.


Gabbie-Lou-Who is not opening the presents; she's not even looking in the bags.  She's just rearranging them.  From table to couch and from one end of the couch to the other.  She kept this up for about a half hour.

I was (for a change) just so caught up in what was going on and having fun (and playing with Sadie) that I didn't even get any pictures actually during Christmas dinner or opening presents.  But later my dad and I helped Gabbie put together her Minnie Mouse floor puzzle that Justin and Ashley got her.  My dad had a real hard time with that irregular edge -- he kept trying to pick out all the edge pieces to put together first like you do with a 'real' puzzle.  

We had a really happy Christmas.  I hope all of you did as well. 

I'll be doing a post later this evening showing you my great Christmas presents, one of which I have been putting to hard  use today! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cool Kids in Warm Hats!

My son's friend posted on facebook a crocheted toboggan her mom had made.  So BoyChild says "hey Mom, I need one of those - in hunter orange!"  Well, of course the recommended style/brand yarn did not come in hunter orange, so I just got some good old Redheart worsted weight yarn in 'pumpkin' and made him one.  He liked it.  The first day he wore it over a visor - the second day he wore it over a thin fleece toboggan.  

I had plenty of yarn left so a made another one. Miss Gabbie-Lou-Who wore that one a time or two, but it was a little big for her.  Her Pop (my BabyBrother) wanted one, so she gave him hers and I made her a more 'kid-sized' one (and used up the last little bit or orange thread. 

Then BabyGurl saw all the hats and she wanted one "but not hunger orange".  So she will be getting a blue one (made from the recommended LionHeart Homespun yarn).  But I let Gabbie model it for her so I could send her a picture of it when it was done.  

And here you have ... the hat gallery!!  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Got 'Er Done!

The John Deere commissioned quilt is all done!  

It is pouring rain and is supposed to pour rain for three days, so this is as good as it gets for pictures. 

Crappy phone pictures in crappy artificial lighting.  

The label says 'From Santa & Mrs Claus - 2013'. 

 It's all soft and crinkly and when I took it out of the dryer I almost snuggled up in it instead of putting it away for it's new owner.  

Finished size:  approx 60 x 80
John Deere Fabrics from Hancock Fabrics
Quilted with Coats and Clark 30 wt cotton thread
Warm and White batting

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Got Mail !!

The small package is MY package.  I will make something for ME.  I have been wanting this fabric for a while but have had difficulty finding a complete 'set' of it ...

This is "Keep It Sassy" by Olive Sandwiches.

I ordered it from Green Fairy Quilts on Cyber Monday.  
(Right now they still have one bundle available)

Joann's was running a 50% off batting sale, and FREE shipping!  So I decided this was a good time to try the 'Warm' batting I've heard so much about.

I still have one package yet to come.  Charm squares (Sunnyside) that I want to use to make my mom a quilt.  But it will not be for Christmas!!  

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black / Cyber / Sale / I ate too much food and bought too much fabric /Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving. 

Prior to heading to my cousin's house, Gabbie and I watched a bit of the parade.  You will notice I had the exact same view this year that I had for last year's parade.

Most of my dad's family were at my cousin's house.  And for the first time in a long time we had babies (two) there. 
I was too busy eating food to take many pictures. 
I did get one of Sweet Sadie Mae and her lovely Momma. 

And Gabbie-Lou-Who took one of Baby Hannah.

Not even any of Gabbie because she had possession of my phone most of the day showing everyone the dozens of pictures of her that are on there.  (I mean you know she only sees many of these people once a year, so there's lots of stuff she has to share!)
I stayed home in my pj's all day on black Friday (I'm not crazy!), I have however bought from several a couple or three  online shops over the black/cyber sale weekend so I should have some great pics to show you in a few days. 

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Pics of my fabrics will be posted as soon as they arrive!





A No Sew Week ...

Haven't done much sewing this week.  Well, I did make Sweet Sadie Mae a couple of bibs (no pics, I already gave them to her mom).  At four and a half months she is drooling constantly.  I think she may be getting close to getting a tooth on top.  It hasn't broken the skin yet, but the gum is awfully hard in one spot. 

This is a little video of her Daddy playing peek-a-boo with her Thanksgiving.  (Wearing a store-bought bib I might add!) LOL.

She's not too sure about that part where her face gets covered up!
And here are Sweet Thang's school pictures.  (Scans on my crappy office scanner).

This weekend it will be on to quilting this top.  It has to be done in time for Santa to deliver it!