Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bears! Oh my!

As mentioned in my previous post, our church is having a craft sale / bazaar next month.  One of the requirements of each vendor is that they donate an item valued at $10 or more for the silent auction.  These proceeds will go directly to our church for events such as our Fall/Halloween festival (games, crafts, candy, and hotdogs - no charge to participants) and other similar family events throughout the year.

I just finished my items.

Basket, bib, burp cloth ... with bears!  Oh my!  

Sewing room is still a wreck and I have to look and dig for every single item I need (I even had to buy new rulers, I have absolutely. no. idea. where my rulers went during the move) but I am sewing and that's a good thing.  I won't be making anything big (quilts) for a while, but I hope to make some placemats and mug rugs, both for the craft fair and for my own use this year.  

Stay tuned.  I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things!  

Linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict today.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lets Try This Again ..

Ok, even though i got moved into the house the end of May - and made a blog post saying how I was "back" .... yeah, well .... hopefully now I'm really back. 

It took a while for me to get the unpacking (most of it) done, and get things set up.  Lots of personal family issues going on as well, so that put the sewing room setup on hold.   

I finally got this table put together.  The instructions say you need 'at least two' people to do it.  Well, if you're determined enough (and creative enough) you can do it by yourself.  

Honestly, it's still a wreck (the sewing room) now that I finally have the cutting table put together, and I have an old desk to put the machine on, I can sew a little.  Fabrics and notions are still in storage buckets/bins stacked in the room but I need a little sewing therapy.   

Also, our church is having a festival/bazaar next month and I signed up months ago so I really need to make a few things so I won't have a totally empty booth/space.  

I did get in the sewing room and cut out a few things last night.  

I have made this recently. 

These are things I already had made before the move, previously listed in my Easy shop (which I closed during the move bc I was 'homeless' and could not ship anything. 

So, I hope to blog a little more often, and get re-involved in the sewing / quilting / blogging world!  I've missed it ... and all of you !

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Starting Over ...

So I'm all moved in to the new house (not completely unpacked yet).  And I have internet again (haven't had that in two years).  Looking forward to setting up a new sewing room (an actual room, not a dining table or a desk in the living room).

Hope to be back in the swing of things and sewing again in just a few short weeks!