Monday, May 25, 2015

Small Fabric Tray

In keeping with my new 'resolution' to post at least once (and hopefully twice) a week, today I am posting my second post in five days!

I found a wonderful tutorial for this fabric tray over at A Spoonful Of Sugar and gave it a try.  Mine is not quite as pretty as theirs, but it was really quick and easy to make and I will definitely be making more.  I think I'll make a couple for my desk at work for paperclips and pushpins, and maybe even some little chocolates. :-)

There's a tutorial for a hexagon shaped one also.  I plan to give it a try soon.

Edited 5/26/15 to add pics of this one I whipped up at lunch today and took to the office with me. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Cliff Notes ..

I've been MIA from blogging, but I've been sewing!!

Got this fq bundle from Fort Worth Fabrics a few weeks ago because I wanted to make some placemats for my bff's 'new to her' camper.  She wanted to decorate in aqua/red.  I love how this bundle blends just the right shade of pink as well.

I got the camper fabric for the backing from eBay and and had the red dots on hand (I believe they came from Hancock Fabrics).

I loved the fabric so much, and had enough left to make my mom a set of placemats as well.

The backing and binding for hers came from Hancock Fabrics.

These two sweet babies came over for a visit on the Saturday before Mother's Day.  I call them my cookie monsters.  They love their Nilla wafers!

And at my Mom's on the Sunday after Mother's Day.

I also managed to finish up a commissioned order for a purse.

With a matching pouch / keystrap.

This little one's Momma got pneumonia and had to be in the hospital for five days so I took a week off work (so thankful for a job where I can do that) and kept her.  Oh my goodness what fun we had.  Especially when food was involved.

And this fashion diva got new specs. 


So that sort of catches you up (not really, but hey, it's Cliff Notes, right?)

And I'm going to try to do a lot better at blogging from now on.