Thursday, June 5, 2014

Really Random Stuff ....

Last week I posted the flannel / minky blanket I have made for BabyGurl's baby girl.  It's just a layer of flanner and a layer of minky, and topstitched around the edge.

I also made some burp cloths.  I put a layer of batting in the burp cloths to make them more absorbent so I quilted an X through them to help hold the batting in place after multiple washings.

Yes this picture is very blurry, don't look at it long, it will make your eyes water, but I did such a good job of rolling those burp cloths for the photo, and aren't my flowers pretty?

New project I am starting on.  Fat quarters pressed and starched, ready for cutting.

Sherri @ A Quilting Life emailed me last week to let me know I had won a giveaway she sponsored.  Today I got these lovelies in the mail: 

Looking forward to working with this rainbow of colors!

And, just for the heck of it, today's throwback Thursday pic.  
My son on the right, his daughter on the left.  Each at about seven months old. 

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  1. Those pictures are so cute -- you should frame them together, or do a scrapbook layout, or something more permanent than just a blog post!

    Thanks for linking up. :-)