Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What A Week!

Picture heavy post .... lots going on in the past week.

I think I was working on this when last I blogged.  This is the finished top for what will be BabyGurl's baby girl's christening quilt.

It will be backed with Emmy Grace Fantasy Fawn Day ...... I haven't picked a binding yet.

My niece wanted some pillowcases so she bought the fabrics and brought them to me.  I used this tutorial. I've made several of these now and it is really quick and easy.

Even with my written instructions on what kind of fabric to get (quilting cotton) she manged to get a jersey like fabric.  While it's really kind of nice and soft for pillowcases, I haven't sewn with this in at least three decades, if ever.  So it was kind of difficult to work with, but the second one went much faster.  It turned out really well though.  She had two made from this fabric.

And two more from this fabric (which incidentally this main fabric is quilting cotton, with the jersey trim, but it turned out ok too). 

Sunday afternoon we sat out by the pool while Gabbie-Lou-Who had a swim.  Now, while it has been very pleasant weather being outside for several days (80's daytime, 60-ish at night) it wasn't really great for heating up the pool.  So we brought out a pot or two (or five) of boiling water to at least get it up to a bearable temperature (though still far from warm). 

There were of course bbq ribs for more than one meal over the weekend.  Sweet Thang doesn't even leave enough bone for the dogs!!

We didn't see this little one over the weekend as they were off bbq'ing and swimming and boating with friends, but we have this adorable picture. We will be having a first birthday party for her on Saturday!

Nephew was kind enough to come help out with a little (well, a lot actually) of yardwork before the rib-eating commenced.  

I rewarded him with a couple of pillowcases of his own.  

And then on Monday morning bright and early (530am) we headed to Children's Hospital for a tonsillectomy.  This kid is a trooper.  She had to have a tear duct opened when she was still an infant, has had two sets of ear tubes, and now this.  

Waiting room, hospital room, recovery room, home.   

She is doing quite well though, with the exception of a slight reaction to the pain meds.  They make her HYPER.  For the first hour after she takes them she will be jittery and talking faster than a 33rpm album playing on 78rpm.  Thank goodness she is eating and drinking with no problems though.  

And I've started another project.  I'm using this pattern

So, that's my week in a (very big) nutshell.  How about yours? 


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  1. Hi, I am visiting from WiP Wednesday! You have a lot going on, and I really like your owl prints and the new project you have started. :)

  2. Hi I'm visiting from let's bee sewcial. You have had a busy week but managed to get lot's of sewing in so that's a plus.

  3. My goodness! Quite a week! I'm glad the little one is doing well. They are always such troopers aren't they?

  4. What a week indeed! I love your projects, especially the background on the line dance - fabulous! I also loved the story about the pots of water - been there before!

  5. Looks like quilting and family are keeping you busy as can be, Paula! Some fun stuff happening! And some not so fun stuff, too. Sorry to see your little one has had so much trouble and praying she is on the mend!