Monday, May 25, 2015

Small Fabric Tray

In keeping with my new 'resolution' to post at least once (and hopefully twice) a week, today I am posting my second post in five days!

I found a wonderful tutorial for this fabric tray over at A Spoonful Of Sugar and gave it a try.  Mine is not quite as pretty as theirs, but it was really quick and easy to make and I will definitely be making more.  I think I'll make a couple for my desk at work for paperclips and pushpins, and maybe even some little chocolates. :-)

There's a tutorial for a hexagon shaped one also.  I plan to give it a try soon.

Edited 5/26/15 to add pics of this one I whipped up at lunch today and took to the office with me. 


  1. Love these! Chocolate would love living there, even if not for long on my desk! :)