Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sweet Baby Girls ...

I've been refashioning or upcycling or being thrifty (or all of the above) lately. 

This is a men's dress shirt refashioned into a toddler dress. 

You cant see in these pictures but I also made her some little matching panties/diaper cover from the sleeves of the shirt.  

This sweet girl is a boon to my sewing ego.  Every time I show her something new I have made for her she immediately starts pulling off her clothes and putting on her new ones.  

She is also learning lots of new words now (she'll be two next week) and thankfully "Gamma" is one of her favorite words! 

And this one is a big kids tshirt refashioned into a toddler top.

So far this one's favorite two words are "doggie" and "cookie".  But she'll be saying "Gamma" before you know it (because this Gamma is working really hard on teaching her!) 

Actually "cookie" might be her word for "Gamma" because every time she visits my office she reaches toward my desk drawer and says "cookie"!  (Yeah, this Gamma keeps a stash!)

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  1. Hi Paula! First, your grandbabies are so ADORABLE! I love all the curls! I bet they love their gammie too! One of my facebook friends has a granson that calls her "Bunny". I think Cookie would be cute too! I really, really love those re purposed dresses! They are so cute. That is a terrific idea! Thank you for sharing! xo jan

  2. Cookie would be a cute name for gamma! I have a friend who's called 'Honey'. My grand baby is only 6 months old and altho I don't have a name yet, I do get a lot of smiles! Your repurposed garments are adorable!

  3. That little dress is absolutely adorable! And it looks so comfortable for the little one, too.

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  4. Stopping by from the Let's Bee Social Link Party. That little dress is adorable! And so is the little shirt. Your granddaughters are just the sweetest! I've been upcycling too this past week. I turned a vintage sheet into a pair of pj pants and pj shorts for our middle daughter.

  5. Two fabulous refashions and two adorable little garments. I especially like the pale yellow dress. Love how you've left the button placket and made a feature of it. If you're ever looking for places to show off your sewing projects, I host ongoing themed sewing link parties....