Friday, October 18, 2013

Lot Of Firsts ...

I followed this tutorial for the Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher from The Crafty Quilter.  

I still have to give it a final trim and bind it - probably in solid red, which I don't have any of.  I think the red/white print would make a good binding but I don't think I have enough of it left.  Not without a whole lot of piecing.  

Lots of firsts in this for me.  First time for HST's, square in square, and pinwheels.  Also, I didn't do just straight line quilting.  Well yes, all the quilting lines are straight (or relatively so), but it's not just lines all the way across the whole thing.  

I had trouble visualizing the layout and getting my colors where I wanted them - in retrospect I wish I'd reversed the fabric layout between the black triangles and the green squares.  But still, not bad for a first go.  And it's made with some random fat quarters I picked up at Hancock Fabrics last week for $1 each, so it was a thrifty little project.  

I also used different color threads top and bobbin.  It turned out ok, but I'm not sure it's something I'd do for a bigger project.  At least not without a lot more practice and some major finagling with the tension settings to make sure the threads don't pull through.  The quilting doesn't really show up with the red bobbin, but I am glad I didn't go with the white in the bobbin.  Maybe some gold would've been nice?  

I recommend this for a quick easy project. 

Getting my Whoop on today with Sarah.

I just couldn't leave it alone.  But wow, binding this little bugger was a chore!

And .... since I actually finished it, I'm also linking up with Richard (&Tanya Quilts), and Amanda Jean (Crazy Mom Quilts)


  1. Nice work!! Can never go wrong with gold. :)

  2. Beautiful job, Paula! You work fast! It's a huge compliment to see others using my tutorial. Thanks for sharing your project!

  3. What a lovely festive block! Your quilting looks spot on.

  4. It's lovely, Paula, and I really like your fabric placement. I'll go and check out Julie's tutorial, thanks for sharing :)

  5. It is so sweet! Glad to see you had enough of that red fabric, it is just perfect for it!
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