Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Madness ....

A whole bunch of random .....
I made this quick little tote for Gabbie to have to haul her loot in.
We went to the church where BabyGurl is youth director for their festival last night. 
A friend at work gave Gabbie a bumble bee suit that was a perfect fit!  
                   Gabbie Lou Who and BabyGurl                                Tattoos!!!

                  The Fox, The Hound (disguised as a                       My little bee!
                       pumpkin!) and the Bumble Bee.

 A while back I used this tutorial to make a crayon roll for a co-workers son and this week I made a couple more in some bright, fun, leftover from my playmate quilt, fabrics.
I made this little(orange/yellow) crayon roll for Gabbie to use at church (she loved it!)  and another (green/blue) one for sale on Etsy.
Then last night I saw this quick tutorial for wine glass coasters.  Somebody is going to get some of these for Christmas.  "Dear Somebody, if you are reading this blog, please act surprised when you open your gift!"
So, that's kind of a recap of my week in a nutshell.  (After all, where else should nuts keep their recaps but in a nutshell?)
Happy Monday y'all !!
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  1. Love the bumble bee costume! Too cute and I just love dachshunds! I have two mixed ones myself. Looks like a productive weekend. p.s....It is hard not sharing Christmas gifts, right?

  2. Lots of little finishes! Love the colors on the crayon rolls, and the smile on the bumble bee. :)