Thursday, May 29, 2014

Business Cards

Could I get some opinions please on business card designs/layouts?

I have had very good luck / service in the past from VistaPrint so I am using them again (just their basic cards, nothing fancy) but with the "basic" version you are limited in layout, design (cant change fonts, etc) but I found three I like pretty well, so I'm asking for opinions between these three from those of you who give/receive a lot of cards at events, shows, etc.  What catches your eye the most in a card?  Any of these?

I've tried to make my email and etsy addresses the most prominent, because I think communication and sales are certainly my priorities at this point.  Does that seem logical to everyone else?


  1. I vote for #1. Seems like it stands out from other cards I've seen.

  2. I prefer the first one. The second one looks good but I think it refers too much to garnment making. The last one looks to me like a shop gift card.