Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP's Wednesday

I actually have several projects going on right now.  

Last week Gabbie-Lou-Who and I went to Hobby Lobby for the makings of some little matching dresses for her and Sadie Mae* to wear to wear to church this coming up Sunday (when I will be babysitting Sadie). 

We I had hoped for matching tshirts but Gabbie insisted on the blue and there was no blue in Sadie's size.  There was pink in Gabbie's size but she was having no part of it.  And truthfully, blue is a great color on her.

So this is where I am so far.  All I have to do to finish Sadie's is attach the skirt.  I did mange to get it pinned while I was at lunch today (I'm fortunate to work two miles from home so I can take a little break from the office at lunch time vs eating in the breakroom/kitchen area).  

Tonight I will measure Gabbie so I will know where to cut the tshirt and how long to make the skirt.  

I've made a few teacher gifts for Gabbie's daycare/preschool teachers.  She has been with them for nearly four years and they have really been a blessing.  They love her like their own and we often kid that she is the assistant director at the day care. 

I have four done and enough fabric for one more.  But I think I need about eight of them, so I have to decide whether to order more of the same, or just use something on hand.  I do have some more school themed fabric, and I don't think they are going to argue over who gets what fabric.  I really wish I could do more for them than a notebook cover, but when you're making for eight ..... 

This is BabyGurl's diaper bag, partially cut out.  I have about four more weeks til her baby shower so I'll be good to go by then.  (Of course I also want to do some blankets, and bibs, and ..... )

And this is another purse like the one I did for my DIL for Christmas.  She has a friend who wants one.  I have it cut out and interfaced so it wont take long to stitch it up.  

And this is my sewing table with all the projects piled on it!  Oh my!  

I've been so busy with gifts and personal items lately I haven't had time to add much new stuff to the Etsy Shop, but if you're a new visitor to my blog, drop by and check it out.  

You can follow me on Facebook, and I've recently joined Instagram, so drop by and say hi.  I try to follow back anybody who follows me (though occasionally I do miss an alert, so feel free to call me out on it if you need to!) 

* Sadie Mae's real name is Sadie Lynn.   I prefer to call her Sadie Mae. 

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