Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Busy Busy Week(end)

It's been a busy long weekend around my house!! 

I've been making things in anticipation of adding items to a new shop that is opening near me that will have a selection of things from local craft vendors.  They've invited several of us to come tomorrow night to see the space (almost finished with the renovation) and find out a little bit about how things will work.  

I've made Alabama and Auburn reversible dresses (because I live in the heart of Alabama and the rivalry is huge!)   The dresses are completely reversible. 

I made bloomers for this one because it is if Ivy Rose, but I will not be making any more size 3mo bloomers!  Just too fidgety to work with!!  (I will try a 6 month size maybe)

I also made her a sleep sack.  
It works well, but I will make the neckline a little lower on the next one.  And BabyGurl has asked for a lighter weight one (this one was made with some scraps of fleece, so I will use flannel on the next one.) 

And another new pattern I tried.  I did not like sewing with gathers 30 years ago, and I still do not like it!  :-)

Some baby love.

And some more baby love.
(Ignore my crazy expression, I was talking to Sadie when BabyGurl snapped the pic.)

And look who can touch the bottom of the pool this year!!  Oh my!

She had to have "Ewik's" sunglasses.  She's such a diva (sometimes)! 

And Miss Ivy Rose went for her one month (34 days old) checkup today and she is 9 lb 4 oz and 22 inches.  (She has grown three pounds and three inches!!!!) 

She's on her way to visit me now, so there'll be pictures on the next blog update! 

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  1. such lovely things you've made! they will look adorable on any baby. Your newest littlie is so cute and so tiny!

  2. The reversible dresses are practical and precious. Thankfully, those tiny bloomers aren't necessary for long.

  3. Such sweet little dresses. The children will look a real picture in them.

  4. Ahhh, I love the baby...oh, and the dresses are cute too x

  5. Those dresses and the bloomers are so pretty! Congratulations on the opportunity to sell items at the new shop, Paula! Nice to see you enjoying time spent with your family.

  6. I love the kids and the dresses. The back is lovely too. I hope you will sell a lot!

    Love from Amsterdam