Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I've just started this new blog SEWY STUFF to separate my sewing / quilting posts from my personal blog.  The sewy stuff was beginning to take over lately!

Thank you for jumping over here and following.

I've been enjoying this little beauty I bought myself for Mother's Day.

And I've created only a couple of small projects so far (with the new machine).

The very first thing I sewed on the new machine.

And the second.

(I'll show you the last thing I created on the old machine right after Sadie's Baby Shower.  I don't want DIL seeing it yet, but BoyChild did give his seal of approval!)

I'm also thinking about opening an Etsy shop when I get a few items made up, so if anyone wants to offer any tips and ideas for making that venture successful, please share!

Thanks for following along!!


  1. Paula I love that your shared your first post with It's fun to learn that this was actually a second blog for you. Inspired to learn that sometimes all's we have to do is begin and things will develop as they are suppose to. Love that yours evolved into a quilting/sewing blog!

  2. Checking out your first post via Val's 1st post linky party. Looks like the bibs were your inspiration to start blogging. :) I love the American flag one. Great fabric!

  3. Hi there...just checking your 1st post thru Val's linky party!!! It's a great idea!