Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Work In Progress

New work in progress.  I'm working on other things in between (that I can't show here, because they are going to be gifts to folks who may peek in here from time to time),  but this one will be ongoing for a while. 

A few people asked about the previous bubble quilt, so here is my disjointed attempt at explaining 'how to'. 

Cut your backing squares (can be most any fabric since it will be hidden) one inch smaller than your quilt squares.  On this one I am using 5" for the top squares and 4" for the backing.  It is much easier to work with this size square than my previous one.  (On the last one I used 4" for the top and 3" for the back.)

Take pleats in the top square.  Pin on three sides.   

Sew around the squares leaving an opening in the center of the fourth side for stuffing. 

Stuff square, pin pleat on fourth side, sew shut. 

Sew bubbles together into rows.

You will of course, then sew rows together into whatever size quilt you wish.  I then backed Sadie's baby quilt with a coordinating flannel fabric.  For the bubble quilt instead of 'quilting' the layers together, I hand stitched the layers together in grids of four sewing a tiny button on the back and a ribbon on the front.  One of the tutorials I viewed before making mine had tied the layers together with yarn.  

The flannel worked well for Sadie's quilt because (of course flannel is great for a baby blanket and) it is thick enough so you can't feel the seams from the quilt through it.  

I'm sure there are many ways to do the bubble quilt, but this is what worked for me. 

I'll happily answer any questions I can, and offer more pictures along the way.  

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  1. That looks so neat, thanks for the tutorial on how you did it. I need to try that.

  2. I've never seen a bubble quilt...can't wait to see it finished!

  3. ooh....I have seen these. I was wondering what the technique was! Looks a little tricky, but cute:)
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