Monday, March 31, 2014

Vacation ...

Last week was my annual week in Nashville with my friend Linda.  (This year we actually stayed in Franklin, rather than downtown Nashville, and did most of our eating and playing in Franklin)

We heard lots of great music. 

Tuesday night, Danny Wells, T Graham Brown, Eddy Raven, Frank Myers and Jimmy Nichols. Every year we manage to see at least one "iconic" show and this was the one this year.  

Friday night, our friend D Vincent Williams.

And Saturday night, FAB, a Beatles cover band.  This week they counted down the top 30 Beatles songs according to Rolling Stone magazine.  The drummer, Tim Buppert, is an acquaintance of ours and has a great voice. 

And of course food, lots of food ....

Those sweet potato fries are from Puckett's.  Best sweet potato fries evuh!  No matter what I order to eat at Puckett's, I always get a side of sweet potato fries.

The malted shake (mine) and mango smoothie (Linda's) are from Mike's Ice Cream on Broadway in Nashiville.   The best ice cream and milkshakes I've ever had (and ok, I've had more than my share). 

And I tried escargot Thursday night. It wasn't too bad.  Truthfully, about all I could taste was the garlic.  I'd like to have them again sometime, cooked some other way than just swimming in garlic. 

We did some sight seeing.  This is The Carter House

And The Lotz House and the Franklin Courthouse.

We ran out of time but will visit The Carnton Plantation on the next trip.

I visited a couple of quilt shops.  At The Quilting Squares I bought a kit for a quilt top with the Giggles fabrics and they also had the 'welcome' sign pictured below.  At The Stitchers Garden I was so overwhelmed I just rummaged through the fat quarter bundles and got the Dr Seuss bundle and got the heck outta there.  It was a huge place and it was floor to ceiling bolts of fabric.  It was piled everywhere, even stacked in the floor.  I couldn't make head or tails of it.  I'm sure if I'd gone in there looking for something specific I could've asked for it and they would've gotten it for me, but it was just not a 'browser friendly' place for me.  

I bought a few fabrics (the pink and aqua ones) at Hobby Lobby, and the shelf came from a going out of business KMart.  The shelves are wonderful, and I'm regretting not getting two of them.  I might have to do some online shopping later.  :-)

It was a great vacation.  Tomorrow it's back to "the real world" for me.  And I have to catch up on my Triangle Quilt Along with Sassy Quilter!! 

Joining up with some great linky parties this week.  Please visit the fine folks listed in my right-hand sidebar and comment on some of the wonderful projects thay have linked up! 


  1. Looks like an excellent time! Glad you had a break!

  2. Oh...lucky you! Nashville is on my list of "one of these days" travel spots!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! A trip with a girl friend is always a recipe for fun!!!~