Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zip It!

I actually made these little cuties over a week ago, but am just now getting a chance to blog them (though I did put them on facebook).

I was eating my way through Franklin TN last week.
(Yes, that is what I do on vacation - eat!) 

I used this pattern and it is so easy!!
(Who knew I could actually like zippers!)

And then I stayed up way too late the night before I left on vacation making a matching purse.  I've made several of these, but none for myself yet. It was really great on vacation because I could tuck all my small purchases in here and not carry so many shopping bags.
(Kind of overcast today so this pic is not so good)

And now I have to work double time to catch up on the TQA!

Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced today. 


  1. That's a great zipper pouch! I hope that you stopped at A Stitchers Garden in Franklin! There's some great fabric there if you have the time to search! I eat and buy fabric when I am on vacation!!

  2. Great job! The one time I had to do a zipper I just decided to make it an open pocket :o)

  3. Definitely your results are worth it, see you at the TQA!