Monday, August 11, 2014

Babies, Dresses, and Baseball ...

Welcome to a new week.  It's been a busy one but not a lot of sewing.  I did make these little dresses a couple of weeks back, and finally got them gifted and the Momma's got me some pictures.

I had to make Ivy Rose a second one because the first one was too big.  I made it by the 0-3 months pattern and she was only just over six pounds so it swallowed her whole!  I cut it down just a little and made her another and it was a perfect fit.  (She also got a bib, which Sadie does not need)

Here are my sweet baby girls in their matching dresses.

And a couple more pics, just for good measure ... 

Our Gabbie-Lou-Who also had her very first ever baseball game on Saturday.  She plays with the Field of Angels league.  

Great picture of Gabbie and her "buddy". 

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  1. Babies are such a miracle. Six pounds is so teeny tiny. The dresses are adorable!!

  2. Beautiful dresses and what lovely little ones!