Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Non-sewy stuff ...

I've been busy, just notsomuch with sewing.  

We are still playing baseball ...... 

(the one-handed hit)

(the excitement of the hit)

(the score)

And christening babies .... 

(Ivy Rose)

(the family - and the preacher)

(the preacher at my daughter's church used to sit behind me in fourth grade and tie my hair to my chair. who'da thunk he'd be a preacher  - and christening my grandbaby?)

(my mom, dad, babygurl, ivy rose, sil, me, preacher)

(and more irresistable baby pics)

Pardon the mismatched photo sizing / quality.  Some are from my phone, some from my camera, some from other sources (including a screen grab from a video clip!) 

I did do one little bit of sewing for a friend's daughter.  

And I'm almost done with a set of bumper pads for Sadie's crib.
(photo later)

So ....... how was your week?? 


  1. I love your color selections for those projects and the family photos are great thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations! It is funny how life turns out! Pretty projects!

  3. Great photos Paula! Gabbie looks thrilled with her hit. :) Ivy Rose is so sweet. I got a kick out of your comment about the preacher.

  4. Awww! Looks like you have been blessed with a fabulous summer filled with treasured family memories, Paula. Love that clever hexi design for the photo display! And those pouches are sweet, too. What wonderful gifts!

  5. cute cute photos of the Christening. How funny that the pastor used to be such a pill in school.

  6. So cute! Blessing on the new little one and her Christening. Funny indeed how life turns out sometimes!