Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cool Kids in Warm Hats!

My son's friend posted on facebook a crocheted toboggan her mom had made.  So BoyChild says "hey Mom, I need one of those - in hunter orange!"  Well, of course the recommended style/brand yarn did not come in hunter orange, so I just got some good old Redheart worsted weight yarn in 'pumpkin' and made him one.  He liked it.  The first day he wore it over a visor - the second day he wore it over a thin fleece toboggan.  

I had plenty of yarn left so a made another one. Miss Gabbie-Lou-Who wore that one a time or two, but it was a little big for her.  Her Pop (my BabyBrother) wanted one, so she gave him hers and I made her a more 'kid-sized' one (and used up the last little bit or orange thread. 

Then BabyGurl saw all the hats and she wanted one "but not hunger orange".  So she will be getting a blue one (made from the recommended LionHeart Homespun yarn).  But I let Gabbie model it for her so I could send her a picture of it when it was done.  

And here you have ... the hat gallery!!  


  1. Love the hats! Your Boy Child sounds like mine (well, my soon to be 28 year old boy child.) I get that a lot.... "Hey Ma, I need one of those!" I love it!