Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Sewing ... and baby pictures!

I already blogged about the John Deere quilt I made for a friend's little boy.

 This is the purse I made for my daughter-in-law.  The fabric is from the Norwegian Woods line.  I love this fabric.  My mom tried to take it from my DIL.  :-)

It is lined in an owl print from Hancock Fabrics that has the exact same color scheme.  I also made her a little zipper pouch to match. 

I whipped up a couple of these pillow cases for Gabbie-Lou-Who; one for her house and one for my house.  The penguin fabric is flannel and she is all about anything that is 'soft and fuzzy'.  

I also made Gabbie a quilt for her new baby doll, and a taggy/lovey for  Sadie Mae and a matching smaller one for the baby doll.  No pics.  It was down to the wire and I just forgot.

Here is our Sweet Sadie Mae.

And with her Momma and Papa.


Gabbie-Lou-Who is not opening the presents; she's not even looking in the bags.  She's just rearranging them.  From table to couch and from one end of the couch to the other.  She kept this up for about a half hour.

I was (for a change) just so caught up in what was going on and having fun (and playing with Sadie) that I didn't even get any pictures actually during Christmas dinner or opening presents.  But later my dad and I helped Gabbie put together her Minnie Mouse floor puzzle that Justin and Ashley got her.  My dad had a real hard time with that irregular edge -- he kept trying to pick out all the edge pieces to put together first like you do with a 'real' puzzle.  

We had a really happy Christmas.  I hope all of you did as well. 

I'll be doing a post later this evening showing you my great Christmas presents, one of which I have been putting to hard  use today! 


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  2. Oh, those girls are adorable! And the penguins are pretty cute too. Well done on the bag. I'd want to take it as well. ;-) Thanks for sharing!