Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black / Cyber / Sale / I ate too much food and bought too much fabric /Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving. 

Prior to heading to my cousin's house, Gabbie and I watched a bit of the parade.  You will notice I had the exact same view this year that I had for last year's parade.

Most of my dad's family were at my cousin's house.  And for the first time in a long time we had babies (two) there. 
I was too busy eating food to take many pictures. 
I did get one of Sweet Sadie Mae and her lovely Momma. 

And Gabbie-Lou-Who took one of Baby Hannah.

Not even any of Gabbie because she had possession of my phone most of the day showing everyone the dozens of pictures of her that are on there.  (I mean you know she only sees many of these people once a year, so there's lots of stuff she has to share!)
I stayed home in my pj's all day on black Friday (I'm not crazy!), I have however bought from several a couple or three  online shops over the black/cyber sale weekend so I should have some great pics to show you in a few days. 

If you do very much online shopping at major (and some minor) retailers, you should consider signing up for ebates.  Sadly they do not affiliate with Etsy and eBay (yet) but they have hundreds (thousands?) of retailers that offer cash back rewards through ebates. 
It's not a get rich quick scheme, but seriously, you're going to make that purchase anyway, so anything you get back is savings, right?  Most stores offer between 2% and 6% throughout the year, but right now many stores are offering up to 10% and 12% cash back. 
Anyway, at the very least, go read up about it, see how it works, (it's totally free!) and if you feel so inclined, please use this link to sign up.  Yes, I get something from them if you sign up and make a qualifying purchase.  Also, once you  make that qualifying purchase you get a $10 gift card to a major retailer (you have several to choose from), so really, even if you only ever use it once, you've made $10.
The catch is .... (this is the really hard part for me to remember) you must login to ebates,  and then click through to your 'store' via the ebates site.  Doing it is really easy, remembering to do it is the hard part for me. 
(I didn't mean to turn this post into an ad for ebates, but it is something I use and love so I wanted to share, and yes I want my referral bonus too!) 

Pics of my fabrics will be posted as soon as they arrive!





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