Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A No Sew Week ...

Haven't done much sewing this week.  Well, I did make Sweet Sadie Mae a couple of bibs (no pics, I already gave them to her mom).  At four and a half months she is drooling constantly.  I think she may be getting close to getting a tooth on top.  It hasn't broken the skin yet, but the gum is awfully hard in one spot. 

This is a little video of her Daddy playing peek-a-boo with her Thanksgiving.  (Wearing a store-bought bib I might add!) LOL.

She's not too sure about that part where her face gets covered up!
And here are Sweet Thang's school pictures.  (Scans on my crappy office scanner).

This weekend it will be on to quilting this top.  It has to be done in time for Santa to deliver it!

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