Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Here's to new projects!

I got this fabric in the mail a few weeks ago, but just didn't have time to break into it until last week. 

 The layout below is the one I've decided to go with.
It makes the best use of the squares I have, without having to purchase another charm pack. 

I am using this tutorial (but I used three charm packs instead of two). 

And, my most recent purchase from Fat Quarter Shop!  I got on the waiting list for this one so I could get it right away.  I don't know yet what I will make with it, but it will be for ME! 

This was Gabbie-Lou-Who's baby doll quilt.  I forgot to take a pic of it after it was finished.  I also forgot to take pics of the taggy/lovey thingies that I made for her baby doll and for *Sadie Mae.

This was a quick project I made for Gabbie at the last minute.  I made one for her house and one for my house.  

And these are two of the gifts I got from my kids.  Yes, the both got me the same thing, and neither knew the other had done so until I was opening gifts!  :-)

I also got this from my son.  I was so excited!  I had to keep slapping my dad's hands away from it til I could get it loaded into my car!  

I have used it, taken it apart and cleaned it, and put it back together (though I have to say the putting back together would've been much easier with three hands instead of two!)

Gabbie Lou doing a little sewing on NYE.
(She 'sews' with scraps, rulers, and pencils)

And of course, a happy baby picture! 

And her first taste of her MawMaw's (great grandmother's) mashed potatoes. They were a hit!  

Linking up with NTT this week!

*Sadie Mae's real name is Sadie Lynn.  But Gamma can call her whatever she wants, right?  


  1. What cutie patooties. I also love the fabrics.

  2. Love the first layout of the quilt. Thanks for the link I'm going to check that one out. And those two sweeties at the end just made my heart sing this morning! They grow up so darn fast.

  3. Charming quilt. Looks like you had a very good Christmas.

  4. love, love, LOVE this quilt. You really couldn't have gone wrong with any of the layouts, but I love the one you chose!

    I'm so happy you shared this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation