Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Making Progress ...

Still working on the same project from last week. 

But now I have five rows of ten bubbles ........

Instead of the one row of five bubbles from last week!

I'm hoping to make it ten by fourteen maybe.  We'll see as it goes along. If I do that, I'll have to get more fabric.  I had originally purchased enough to duplicate Sadie's blanket, but on this one I've made the squares larger, and am thinking more toward a lap/sofa kinda thing. 
I have had two more projects in mind for a while, and have finally figured out what fabrics/design I want to use for them, so hopefully I will get a chance to shop for the fabrics soon and get started on those. 
At that time, this one will probably take a back burner. 
Not that I'm like, bored with it or anything.  ;-)
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  1. Moving along:) Looking good. I always like to have several projects going. You know sometimes you feel like cutting or piecing or actually putting them together! Then I like to have a project that I can sit down and watch TV with too:)

  2. OH! Look at your pretty bubble quilt. I've been WANTING to make one of these. They look supremely cushy. :D