Friday, June 14, 2013

Thrift Store - Part Deux

You might want to read yesterday's Thrift Store Find post first ....
I went back today and picked up four more bundles at $1 per bundle.
The blue is 100% cotton, the stripe is kind of "silky" (but heavier than silk), and the diamond pattern is heavy weight and textured.
Three shades of linen ...

This is a heavy weight (I didn't look at the tag to see what blend it is) but I really like it.  Much prettier than the pic (again, iPhone pics).

I tried to get up close so you could see this black fabric.  It's heavy, and 'fuzzy'.  Not carpet of course, yet it reminds me of it a bit.  Not sure what I'll do with it, but it was in the bundle.

That center strip below (lower strip above) is 100% cotton. 

The tree/flower piece (below) is some kind of blend, mid-weight, the other four are cotton. 

Looking forward to diving into these with the scissors.  I might just have a purse/bag for every day of the month!!
(Like yesterday's finds, these are also varying sizes from 26" x 26", to 26" x 42").


  1. I love going to thrift stores and garage sales! I have found some amazing fabrics. The last had kaffe fassett and amy butler for 1-2 dollars a yard!!! Okay, that was my best find, but still:)

  2. Wow some great finds! I find these thrifty fabric finds very inspiring, I make a whole project around 1 piece of fabric that mightn't of made it into my shopping cart in a normal store! Great Blog Paula :)