Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bags N Stuff.....

Baby Sadie's shower was today, so I'm recycling this post from my old blog.


Finished my project for Sadie's shower.  Of course there will be many (many) more projects for Sadie (and Gabbie) but this will be the Shower Ensemble.  

Sadie's bag and all the goodies .... changing pad, burp cloths, and boots. 

(Pardon the crazy background for the pics, an old sheet on a dirty picnic table)

They've been blessed to have most of their needs met by a friend who has passed along car seat, bouncy seat, bathtub, swing, and oodles and oodles of little girl clothes ... 

but of course she need her very own special Grandma shirt!

And her very first Nashville shirt!

And the bubble quilt from this post.

Though merely a cousin (once or twice removed, whatever that means), Gabbie will be playing the part of big sister, and she will need a few things at the shower as well. 

Bag, burp cloth and her very own purple boots (even though they look kinda black in this picture, they are bright purple). 

As DIL said last week ... we don't want Sadie to come early, but we sure do want July 20 to get here FAST!!


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  1. I'm due just a few days before your DIL, and I can certainly relate to that feeling! What sweet gifts! I love those little boots!