Monday, September 23, 2013


Last week (for the very first time) I entered five items in our local County Fair. 
I won four ribbons!  One blue, two red, and one white. 

Sadly my Hexies by Halves Quilt did not win anything, but that particular category (pieced, machine quilted, lap/throw size) had a lot of entries.  A local group of ladies who get together a couple times of week had all been working on entries for that category.  (Never mind that my quilting on that one had a couple of little puckers on the back.) 
Now that I know more about what's going on (not only had I never entered before, it's been about ten years since I've even been to the fair!) I'll be better prepared for next year.  Plus I have a whole year to make things and decide what to enter.  I've really only been at this a few months you know!
I was very happy for my first ribbons. 
And my mom loved the purse (today is her birthday!)
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  1. I love my purses and the Auburn basket organizers! You do beautiful work and I can not even begin to imagine entering a county fair. A lot of people dream but never take the steps necessary to really go for it! Congratulations on your beautiful work and four ribbons!

  2. Oh yeah! You are a winner girl! Congrats. That is so awesome. Not so scary once you just do it. And now you know you are amazing:) Fact.

  3. Good going! Shows you are doing a good job.

  4. Wow! Congratulations!! I've been thinking about entering a fair. Maybe next year.

  5. congratulations! the county i live in doesn't have a fair!

  6. i love that quilt. so pretty and bright!

  7. Congratulations! Everything looks great, and no wonder your mom loves the purse. Did you give it to her?