Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thrift Store Desk

Well my $5 deal on the thrift store desk to use as my sewing table is still a good deal even though it wont fit through my interior doorways to go into my sewing room!!  (This thing is heavy and solid.  Not the prefab stuff we can take the back or side off of to get it in the room).

Definitely got more than $5 worth of labor out of BoyChild and BabyBrother, huffing and puffing and pushing and pulling and rearranging. 

And I got to see my SweetSadieMae .... so I think it was worth $5 even if I do have this huge hunking piece of furniture sitting in my living room!! 

This all occurred on my lunch half-hour (ok, I  may have taken a wee bit more than a half-hour today) so no action pics (and sadly no pics of SweetSadie) but here are the 'after' pics.    There was a small desk sitting here with my tv on it, but now I have the big one in it's place.  The small one is in the sewing room. 

I have an 'idea' of how I'm going to make all this work.   I'll be dragging and pushing furniture around this weekend, and if my idea works I'll unveil it here on the blog.  If not ........ hmmmmm .....

(And I have no idea why there is duct tape on this desk unless it was used to hold the drawers shut at one time, because this thing is solid and needs nothing to help hold it together.)

And let me just say, 42" is way to big for a computer monitor unless you have a wireless keyboard/mouse and can sit across the room!  (This is a one night only setup, I ordered my dad a new computer and I like to get it ready to 'plug and play' with all his pictures and favorites loaded before I take it to his house.)


  1. When I first saw this desk yesterday I thought to myself, I wish Paula had a video camera handy so we could've watched the men trying to squeeze the desk through the doorway LOL!! But I agree it is a perfect excuse to turn the living room into the sewing studio!!

  2. Sometimes you just gotta adjust! Good luck getting everything worked out.

  3. oh, I hope you can get it in there! maybe it comes apart? What a great find though!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation