Friday, September 6, 2013

New Sewing Room (fka Living Room)

So Wednesday I bought a thrift store desk for just $5!  Sadly, it won't go through my interior doorway to get into the room I was making into a sewing room (I've been sewing on my kitchen table).   

So ..... today I went back to the thrift store and bought a little corner tv table I'd seen earlier in the week, so I could free up my new desk.   When I went in to see if they still had it, I discovered it had been marked down to just $1!

So I slid everything over to the edge of the desk ....

And was faced with this! 

After unplugging, untangling, and replugging every single wire I finally I ended up with this!

Then I commenced to folding the wads of material I had on my kitchen table and moving it to the desk, along with my cutting mat ...

I'm going to have to get BoyChild to make me some kind of collapsible leg for this ledge that pulls out. If you pull it out more than about 14" it begins to sag.  

The center two panels are actually just one deep drawer with a rack for hanging file folders.  I have some hanging folders so I am going to make this my pattern drawer! 

This top drawer is big enough for all my rulers (the 6 x 24 and the 12 x 12 both fit in here with ease!)

Pins, markers, scissors, and room for more.

18 x 24 cutting mat.

So then I stacked the fabric in the 'other room' and brought my sewing machine from the kitchen table. 

The top of the desk is 36" x 60" !!

So what if my living room is now my sewing room?  There's nobody living here but me and an occasional four-year old.  

And I have no idea why there is duct tape on the desk, it is very solid and in no need of reinforcements by duct tape!  

I'll still use my 'sewing room' to store and organize fabrics and supplies, but the actual sewing will take place in the living room.

Did I mention this desk was only $5 !!!

(Disclaimer:  Yes, those are poinsettias you see on my shelf.  I forgot to put them away last year when I put away everything else.  But hey, it's almost Christmas again, right?)


  1. I know where you got that from.....I was wanting to get it too but no where to put it....good find

  2. Eucalyptus oil will get the duct tape residue off, I can buy it at sprouts here in Denver:-) the new setup looks great Paula!

  3. So happy for you to have a sewing space! It makes such a big difference!

  4. I love making use of those kinds of great deals! Anything to keep you organized and happy is a win/win. The duct tape was probably used to keep the drawers from sliding out while moving the desk. We've done the same thing in the past but we used a less abrasive tape.
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  5. So organized! My studio space is in our bedroom... it used to be in the kitchen! One day we'll get a second bedroom that I can use ;)

  6. Why not sew in your living room? It's your house and you should decide which room gets used for what!

  7. We all love a bargain, and great to spend time sorting your space.

  8. Wow that was a great bargain on that desk. Wish I could find something like that. I am working on a sewing room which use to be a garage converted to a bedroom we remodeled and no carpet yet. Having to wait till someone can finish the room. So I decided to go ahead and get a long table for cutting and sewing because I was using my kitchen table. Doesn't matter about the carpet right now just nice to have a space to do my crafts. So I fully understand your dilemma.

  9. Great desk and I have dealt with a pile of wires like that before.....I bet you were glad when it was done and now everything looks great! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  10. �� Roll Tide Roll!! ��