Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Whew! It's Wednesday!

I haven't done much sewing in the past week, so you can look at my last Wednesday post to see my latest project.  But I have had a busy busy week!
My mom had back surgery Monday (surgery went well, she will just need a little extra time to heal a very large incision), so the Gabster has been with me since Sunday afternoon.  (She actually lives with my parents who are her guardians, and as a great-aunt I actually play the role of grandmother, whereas her great-grandparents actually play the role of parents!)
Good grief!  Did I actually say actually that many times?
So ... I did do a wee bit of sewing on some charm squares that I work on in between projects.  I mean, after all, I couldn't work on my current project since it is a birthday present for Gabbie.
So, she sewed too.  By sewed I mean she worked on her patch (one that I had kind of messed up) and she measured, and when I went to iron seams we ironed her seams, and then back we'd go.
She is multi-tasking by sewing and talking on her sponge iPod at the same time.  She took a quick break to 'type' (her word for texting) before finally getting back to business.  Monkey business that is!
Last night we went to our local county fair.  It was her first time at the fair.  She loved it!  The first ride she wasn't so sure of, but after that it was smooth sailing.  We had to ride the moster trucks twice!  (Yes, I said 'we').  :-o

Hers and Sadie's "Playmate" quilt got 3rd place ribbon in the baby quilt division. We're good with that!

And here is our Sweet Sadie Mae* with her Mommy and Daddy.  This was on Sunday after she turned two months old on Thursday.  In two short months she has gained one ounce shy of four pounds, and has grown three and three-quarter inches!

*Sadie Mae's real name is Sadie Lynn.  

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  1. looks like a fun time!

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