Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sewing Space

Ellison Lane is have a "show us your sewing space" linky to go along with their spotlight series.

I recently cleaned out a (teeny tiny) spare bedroom in hopes of making that my sewing room.  And someday it will be.  I just haven't been able to find an affordable sturdy table for cutting and sewing yet.

I do have most of my stash stashed (haphazardly) in there so at least that is a little bit of progress.  Though I really need to sort through it and organize it now that I actually do have a little bit of stash.

In the meantime, my cutting / sewing area is my kitchen table.  It is really a great table (maybe I should move it into my sewing room and use a card table in the kitchen since we seldom eat at the table anyway!)

My basting area is my living room floor.  That's not really ideal since I have carpet, but I do have one of those foldout cardboard cutting board things that helps a little bit.  I don't have much floor space (I live in a pretty small home) so I don't know what I'll do if I ever want to do anything larger than twin size.

So ... here is my "sewing space" .....

My sewing / cutting / kitchen table

My basting area / living room floor 
(and this only a 46 x 62 -- not even a real twin size!)

My cutting / sewing table (when I get one) will go in the area where the baby mat is

These boxes will go to BoyChild's house as soon as I can get him to come and take them

Some stash - some thrift store pillows waiting for new covers

More stash 

And, there you have it!  :-)


  1. I sewed at the kitchen table for years - and we ate there three times every day! My 'stash' room was a small cupboard 24'' wide and 42'' high, and yet I sewed most of my two daughters clothes including prom dresses, mended jeans and coveralls and managed to make over 30 quilts in that time period. Now I look at my 13x15 sewing room with a wall of baskets full of fabrics and wonder how on earth I managed it! Maybe 'cause I only bought what I intended to sew, and then sewed it?!

  2. For my sewing table, I use a Formica-topped table I found at the "swap" area of our dump. It's wonderful and sturdy, and it was free. We got it a number of years ago and stored it in our garage (legs off) until I got my dedicated sewing room and could use it. I actually do my basting on it, too -- I put my Olfa cutting boards on it and let the quilt hang off the table. It works well.

    I'm not sure of your location, but if you have a Craigslist in your area (, you can look for free items on there. You might find a good solid table for free, much like your kitchen table, that can go in your sewing room. If you find something that isn't quite the right height, some people put a table on bed risers, and others cut the legs a bit shorter.

    Often people are giving away bookshelves, including those ikea ones that are very handy for crafts. Storing your fabric stash in bookshelves or cabinets will get them off the floor and make your small-ish room work so much better for you.

    My entire sewing room (9.5' X 13.5') is filled with furniture, storage units, and shelves that I found for free. Some I needed to paint and some I just needed to clean up.

    Now I need to spend more time organizing all my fabric, because some of it is just stuffed here and there with no rhyme or reason!!

    Congratulations on getting a dedicated sewing space! And if you decide you *like* sewing in the kitchen, you can still do that, but at least you can have all your stuff organized in your sewing room. Sometimes I like to go into my room and just sit, knowing it's all my space and no one else will put anything in there. ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing your sewing space with us on The Studio Spotlight Tour. ~Heather

  4. Thanks for sharing your space with us! Roll Tide! ~Jennifer

  5. Good things are worth waiting and working for. Like most quilters, I sewed at the kitchen table when we were first married, even while raising three boys. Later I began taking closets and rooms as the boys left home. One day hubby said I'd squeezed the boys right out of the house, and he was worried since there was no one else left. A week later he started enclosing the carport. We'd been married at least 25 years, so I doubt he was really worried!