Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WIP Wednesday

New WIP for GabbieGirl's birthday (October). 
She loves all things 'Roll Tide' so she's getting a quilt/blanket with Roll Tide fabrics.
I have six rows put together, and two more rows of bricks that just need to be 'mortared' to the 'wall'.  I think I am going to need 12 rows altogether.  I'm just kind of winging it based on the size of the backing I bought (58x72 piece of Roll Tide fleece).

And my other WIP is almost done.  I got my Hexies by Halves quilted and now I just have to trim it and do the binding.  I opted for quilting on the diagonal in only one direction because I really like the parallelogram effect on the back.

You can't really see the quilting on the front very well.

Hopefully I will get it bound this weekend!  
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  1. I love it! I'm thinking of doing something similar for two huge Georgia Bulldog fans in my life. Funny thing is, I have some of either the exact same or very similar black & whites that are in your quilt!

  2. I like the brick pattern and also the hexies. Very pretty!

  3. Love your Alabama quilt! My family are avid fans. A friend and fellow guild member is also sewing a Roll Tide quilt, it's exciting seeing her collecting fabrics for it.

  4. It looks wonderful Paula, I was tempted to stop quilting with only one diagonal done too, because it looks great and I was sick of straight line quilting LOL!

  5. Wonderful, cheerful quilt., I have a lot of reds, my daughter will love it!

  6. love your hexies by halves quilt! As a Louisiana girl and an LSU fan, I can't say I love the Bama quilt, but I'm sure the recipient WILL love it, haha! The brick pattern is great for showing off those spirit fabrics!

    I'm so glad you shared this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation