Friday, August 30, 2013

Taking Care of Business ...

Mostly this blog is (and always will be) about sharing the making of my projects, the fun I'm having, and most of all 'meeting' so many new friends and learning from and being inspired by them. 

But now and again I'll have to take a moment to do a little self-promoting and hopefully recoup a little of my investment so I can keep having fun.  

So, today I'm posting a link to my Etsy Shop and highlighting a couple of items I have there.  

Baby Booties Girl  / Boy

I also have bibs, burp cloths, and purses

and my biggest item is my most recent one .... a quilt! 

This was made from a pattern by Polly (Pieces By Polly) and is available in her Etsy Shop (and it's 40% off through Labor Day!) 

I enjoyed making this quilt and will definitely make another by this pattern.  Polly's instructions and photos made this soooo easy, even for a beginner like me!  You can see my blog post on this quilt here, and my facebook photo album for this quilt is here.

(You can also follow my facebook page here.)

I want to say a big thanks to everyone who has read my blog, left me comments, and sent me emails.  You all inspire me and encourage me every day.  

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