Friday, July 5, 2013

A Couple of Friday Finishes ...

Worked on the baby quilt a bit more today.  Mostly just added some more straight-ish line quilting to go with my previous stitching in the vicinity of the ditch quilting. Ha!

Also finished up two more purses I had cut out a couple of weeks ago.  These are now in the Etsy shop

I also finished a birthday present for a friend, but she keeps up with my Sewy Stuff so I can't post it until I send it off to her.  

One thing I did find today while trying to quilt ... I already knew, but confirmed ... I really need a LARGE dedicated bright workspace!!  The kitchen table is okay for some cutting and piecing, but I need lots of room for quilting, and I need to be able to leave it all out and not have to pick up the bulk of it before the 4-yr-old comes over to visit.  

I'm working on re-arranging a couple of rooms to get a room that I can use just for me.  Then I can just close the door when anyone (not just the 4-yr-old) comes to visit.  The main thing I will need to get is a large workspace, but I think my mom has an old formica topped dining table that was my grandmothers that I can get and put a large cutting mat on for it (my current mat is only 18 x 24, great for cutting pieces, but it's gonna be tough squaring up this quilt!)

So, that's where I am on this Friday.  Looking forward to seeing everyone else's projects. 


  1. When I had a large family room I used the pingpong table to lay out, square up and it was great. Now my sewing/quilting is limited to a bedroom, but at least I can leave it lay till I'm done with it!
    Sweet purses!

  2. Those purses are very pretty. I like the bright colors.

  3. Hi, Paula! Love your purses, but even more the very useful phrase "stitching in the vicinity of the ditch quilting"!! My sewing table is a hollow core door set on top of two stock base cabinets from Lowes - it's a great height (36") so I don't get a backache while cutting. I just put a box underneath to set my sewing machine foot control on and use a bar stool to sit at the right height. It makes a huge workspace (32 x 80!) and a great place to work on all my projects. There's room for my sewing machine and my 24 x 36 cutting board, plus my laptop too!

    Whoop whoop!! Can't wait to see what you end up with!