Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finally Finished!

Notice: This post might be considered picture overload!
Way back on June 8th I went shopping looking for fabric for a floor quilt / play mat for Miss Sadie.
I found this:
On June 17th I got the top done:
Then on June 26th, I did some stitching in the vicinity of the ditch, and some straightish line quilting:
Last weekend I finally found some great fabric for the binding.  Actually, it's a good thing it took me so long to get around to buying the fabric and binding the quilt because those few short weeks ago I would have never ever considered using striped binding for a dotted quilt!
And I can't even begin to describe how much I love my wonder clips! 
Thanks so much to all my blogger friends who post such great projects and share their ideas via tutorials with lots of closeup pics and details - and even a few youtube videos!  I did have to pull out the binding on the first corner ... in spite of fantastic tutorials I still managed to mess up that first corner so it wouldn't fold over and miter correctly.  (I have a really close personal relationship with my seam-ripper!)
And now ......
It's finished!!


I can't wait for Sadie to come visit so she can play on it!
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  1. You quilt is so happy and fun. Who wouldn't love play and cuddling up with it. Love all the bright cheerful colors!!

  2. I like your quilt and all those wonderful colors. It took me three quilts to learn the miter but I've got it now. You did a great job!

  3. It's gorgeous! You can't go wrong with striped binding! Great Job! Visiting from Sew Cute Tuesday. :o)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and the striped border is perfect well done!!!

  5. Those wonder clips! Wonder why we didn't think of them sooner!!)

  6. Oh my goodness! Those bright colors and polka dots are perfect for a play quilt.

  7. The striped binding went perfect with the dots! Good job!

  8. I absolutely love polka dots! They are my signature and I try to sneak them into every one of my quilts in some way. I also am always on the lookout for unique stripes to use for binding as well. We are kindred spirits. Your polka fabric is gorgeous with the subtle shading in the background. Your quilt just screams of joy and cheer and happiness and play, play, play! Great job! You and Miss Sadie may like the song by the Parachute Express title Polka Dots, Check and Stripes. I googled the lyrics for you and you can hear it on U-tube

    I got a friend and her name is Sue.
    Polka dots checks and stripes
    She doesn't dress like the other kids do.
    Polka dots checks and stripes.
    You can see her come from a mile away.
    It's the same thing every day.
    She's wearing polka dots checks and stripes.
    All together.
    Polka dots checks and stripes. Yipes.

  9. isn't it great how a good washing will take care of the "in the vicinity" and "ishing"? love it!

  10. Love it!! I'm a huge fan of polka dots too! I'm also doing the Hexi QUilt along...just laid my pieces out last night. I look forward to sharing our progress.
    Val from myplvl.blogspot.com

  11. Your first quilt - how exciting! I love that binding.

  12. Congratulations on finishing your first quilt. It is quilt an achievement. I wish my first quilt looked this good!

  13. visiting from crazy mum quilts. This is spectacular. What amazing quilting for your first quilt, mine had puckers everywhere. I hope you keep on quilting

  14. congratulations on a lovely finish!!! May it be the first of many!

  15. great colours and fun binding. congrats on a great finish!

  16. Oh Paula! It is so lovely!!! Congratulations on your finish. It is truly a fantastic quilt. Pretty perfect for a first at that. Just loving the stripes and polka dots.

  17. That is a great binding. Thanks for showing us!!

  18. My favorite fabrics for bindings and polka dots. Very pretty.