Monday, July 29, 2013

Zippers! Bags! Pouches!

I still do not love zippers. 
However, I no longer fear them.  
Last week BoyChild said "you know Mom, some pockets in the diaper bag sure would've been nice.  Do you know how hard it is to find a paci in the bottom of that big bag?"
When I made their diaper bag several weeks (months?) ago, I knew nothing about pockets, zippers, or linings. 
I have since made bags with linings, and pockets, but not zippers. 
So yesterday I sucked it up, looked up several tutorials, and gave it a go.
The result:
Quilted, lined bag

With a patch pocket on front

I even made a zipper pouch (that was much easier than the zippers on the inside pockets!)

Two inside zipper pockets, and a small paci-pocket

Another view of the zipper pouch

 And the back side
It has very long handles.  BoyChild and DIL are both very tall.
I hope they like it!
Miss Sadie had her two week checkup today (she was actually two weeks old Friday) and she has gained a pound and grown an inch and a quarter!  She's gonna be tall like her Momma and Daddy!
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  1. That's a very nice bag, and your zippers look great! What kind of closure did you use?