Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday's Tales ...

A few things to share this week.  

I've committed to join a quilt-along with Polly (see button in my right sidebar).   The first thing is picking out and purchasing our fabrics.  There's still plenty of time for you to join, check out the first post here

These are the fabrics I have ordered from Sisters And Quilters.  I'll be stalking the mailman again! 

I completed a custom order today for a co-worker's granddaughter.  Said granddaughter picked out her fabrics and brought them to me.  

I also have another custom order to complete this week.  Another co-worker's daughter has moved into her first apartment and needs pillow covers.  Daughter bought fabric and brought it to me, I will be making envelope back type pillow covers.

These are the two fabrics she chose (the beige is the sofa).

And, today I got Gabbie's bed moved from the small bedroom, to the large bedroom (which is also her playroom) so now I can start setting up the small bedroom for a sewing room!  Yay!  

And ... when Baby Brother came to help move the bed, he says he has a dining table I can use as long as I need it (which of course will be forever unless he decides he wants it back!)  He says he hasn't used it for anything but a catch-all in years (if he eats at home he eats in the living room in front of the tv).

Hoping to get it set up soon (maybe this weekend if Baby Brother can deliver the table for me).   It will be wonderful to have a dedicated space that doesn't have to be picked up, moved, put out of reach of little hands. I can just close the door and leave everything ready to use.  

I'll keep you posted on the progress.


  1. Wow! You've been busy! I'm so happy to decided to join the quilt-along!

  2. I LOVE the fabric for the quilt! I'm so happy you are happy doing all the sewy stuff! Every one needs to find their niche!!

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  4. OOPS. I deleted myself! I love the fabrics you've chosen for the Quilt Along!

  5. Cute, fun fabrics. Good luck on the sewing room. This hobby does seem to take over the house.

  6. Love the fabric you ordered... gorgeous stuff!! I have some of that stuff sitting in one of my carts. lol! The purse is adorable! Great job!! I bet she'll love it! :)

  7. Oh, so exciting to have a dedicated room to create your beautiful things in. Good luck with it all and hope you continue to make such lovely items in your new space! xCathy

  8. That sounds like a lot of heavy lifting! Congrats on the new creating space.

  9. Ooooh, a new sewing room:) That should be fun to set up. That purse is cute and I like the fabric that your client picked for the pillow covers. I have to get me some of the chevron, love it.

  10. What a lovely selection of fabrics for the hexies! Your commissions sure look like fun!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  11. What great fabrics! I love mailman stalking when I'm waiting for fabric to arrive too! The fabrics for the pillow covers is so fun and summery! I'm sure she'll love the pillows you make with them.

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation