Friday, July 12, 2013

Custom Order - Friday Finish

A co-worker had asked me about making some pillow covers for her daughter.  Her daughter is in her first apartment and bought a new sofa, and she doesn't like the throw pillows that came with the sofa.  So she picked out some fabrics and brought them to me and I made the covers.
This is a pic of the fabrics, and the beige is the color of the sofa (it's actually the back of one of the pillows). 

These are the completed pillow covers.

I actually made two covers from each fabric, but I only had one of her pillows (for measuring) so I couldn't take a 'group shot' of them.  I'm going to ask her if once she has them all on her pillows and on the sofa she will send me a pic. 
They are a Friday Finish because I stayed up to get them done last night because I didn't want to wait all the way til Monday to give them to her.  Of course, I did not know that she was going to be off today, so now I have to wait til Monday anyway.  (But hey, it got me a post for a Friday Finish!)
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  1. Awesome pillow and I adore the fabric choices for it!

  2. Great job! I love those two fabrics together.

  3. Those are beautiful! It's going to make a big impact in her apartment! Whoop whoop for a great finish!

  4. Those are fabulous! Love the fabrics!!