Saturday, July 13, 2013

Welcome To The World!

We now interrupt this blog for a non-sewy announcement!

Welcome to the world Miss Sadie Lynn ....

8 lbs 11 oz .... 20 3/4 inches .... 9:35 pm July 12, 2013.

Except for a few minutes for the first feeding, Papa didn't want to let go of her.  I hope to get to spend some 'quality time' with her tomorrow.  


  1. Sweet so sweet. I remember when I first grandchild was born, I was there when they brought him to the nursery, my daughter still in surgery. The nurse said come on in Granma, and I watched his first bath, got to hold him first, got to talk to him, a very private, very intelligent (I'm pretty sure) conversation. There is a special bond with grandchildren - it's really awesome! Enjoy!!

  2. Awww.....What a cutie! Lots of quilts for this one:)

  3. Oh my gosh! How sweet, sweet, sweet is that photo of your son with his daughter! Congratulations to you.....You're a Grandma! (Or Grammie or Grandie or Nana.) What will your sweet granddaughter call you? I can hardly wait myself -- with my first son having his first in October.

  4. Sadie is so sweet - those wonderful newborn reflexes and sounds - delightful!
    It must feel amazing to be a Grandma!