Monday, July 8, 2013

New Neighbors

During this last week we have had rain every day.  Fortunately for my area, not flooding - about 5 inches over 6 days - but consistently dreary and wet. 
Yesterday I discovered that I have new neighbors.  Though I did not see them, I have seen their houses popping up.  Papa Smurf must be keeping them all busy.  I thought for sure I'd see Lazy Smurf napping under one of these lovelies.

Satellite dish.
Swimming pool.
New subdivision.
And this surely must belong to Smurfette!


  1. What fun! Our 'shrooms tend to be gray/brown with very pointy rooftops, and we seldom see any, as our annual rainfall is 12-17 inches a year. They are usually an indication your sprinkler ran too long in one spot !=D

  2. Great shots!
    I love your Smurf-y interpretations :)